David Coplin

The Rise of the Humans

For over 30 years, Dave Coplin has worked with or for the world’s largest technology companies, most recently as Microsoft UK’s “Chief Envisioning Officer”, providing organisations and governments around the world with strategic advice and guidance that enables them to deliver lasting growth and market relevance through the adoption of transformational technology.

Now independent, he has a list of clients from around the world and has worked with organisations in every sector and almost every industry.  From tech titans Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft through to corporate giants such as Barclays, Ericsson, Ernst Young, and Vodafone as well as leading public sector and academic institutions such as the EU and UK Parliaments, UK Crown Prosecution Service and Highways England, as well as Cambridge and Oxford Universities, Dave is engaged at the highest levels to help inspire and drive technology enabled transformation.

Dave is an established author and thought leader on topics surrounding the future of work and how we as a society can make the most of our relationship with technology. His first book: “Business Reimagined”, provided a prescient view of a new working environment based on collaborative and flexible working that almost a decade later, has become the new normal for many organisations.  His second book, “The Rise of the Humans” provides a further call to action for both individuals and organisations to understand and make use of the potential of transformational new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and other digital technologies, helping them to learn to harness not hate the digital deluge such that they can rise up and take back control of the potential that technology offers our entire society.

Dave is a recognised authority in the industry on a broad range of topics and is often sought to provide advice and guidance to UK government on policy issues such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, as well as being a regular contributor both here in the UK and around the world with media talking about everything from the future of work, the future of education, privacy and on-line safety, right through to big data and the impact of transformational technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.