9:00 am
Join us for an exciting event where we explore the power of Artificial Intelligence and Data in revolutionising businesses. Discover how these cutting-edge technologies can propel your company to new heights. Network with industry experts and gain valuable insights on leveraging AI and data effectively. Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve!
There’s no simple answer to the debate about whether buying a commercial off the shelf solution (COTS) or building from scratch is the best choice. There’s a place for each but you need to know how to decide when each works best and understand the trade-offs. In this session, our speakers will dive into the pros and cons of each and how new technologies, like how using AI writing code will affect decisions. The speakers will look at both the current situation and discuss the future.
2:00 pm
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer in various industries, revolutionising the way we approach problem-solving and decision-making. However, implementing AI solutions is not without its challenges. In this insightful event, hedgehog lab CTO, Ed Marshall will delve into our real-world experiences (including our partnership with Under Armour), uncovering the gotchas, considerations, security implications, and performance optimisations that come with integrating AI into existing systems.
AI Transformation: Exploring the Role of AI in Business will explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence and its impact on businesses. Through enlightening panel discussions and expert presentations, we'll explore the opportunities, challenges, and real-world applications of AI across various industries.
12:00 pm
Join us at Newcastle University’s Research & Innovation Showcase as we share the future of Earth Observation for Sustainability, underpinned by enhancements in Data Science-AI. As part of the UK Earth Observation Network for Sustainability (UK-EONS), we are at the forefront of exploring the impact of space data and technology on our planet. Discover how our research is using Earth Observation and space technologies to tackle pressing societal issues, from climate change and natural disasters to infrastructure resilience, biodiversity loss, sustainability, and public health. Discuss how innovations in sensors, data science and AI are leading to a step change in capabilities and applications for improved sustainability.
Join Accenture for an enlightening panel discussion around the hot topic of Gen AI and how it's shaping the future!
We live in interesting times. AI technologies are becoming mainstream during a period when political uncertainty and climate change pose signficant challenges our visions of the future. In this discussion session we will consider the likely real impact of AI, ways in which we can develop and deploy these new tools responsibly, and the wider questions of how tech and society intersect.
1:00 pm
In our digital era, the line between life and death blurs as our online existence persists after we're gone. Researchers Gavin Vaughan and Dr. Georgina Robinson explore this uncharted intersection of death and technology, delving into the implications of our digital legacies. From virtual memorials to AI-powered avatars preserving a loved one's essence, new possibilities emerge alongside ethical and legal complexities. They examine how our data outlives us, the potential of technologies like AI to reshape grief and commemoration, and the profound questions raised by our digital afterlives, challenging perceptions of mortality in a world where death and technology fascinatingly collide.
GenAI and AI more generally can and should be a force for good in the UK. That is defined as AI that we can trust and participate with. In other words AI with humans at the centre of its use and design. Too often generalists and those with limited understanding of AI focus on the negatives with too little focus on the positive opportunities that AI can offer society and the UK economy, but what are they? In a country that usually regulates before it Innovates, what do we need to do, to use AI to solve long term challenges without killing off that potential through fear of the unknown.
2:00 pm
Join Sam Lipman, founder of Optimum Bots, for an exclusive event, "Move Faster Than Your Competition: The Cutting Edge of AI and Automation," where we explore the transformative power of AI and automation in business processes. Designed for business leaders, managers, and professionals, this event showcases practical applications of AI to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and drive innovation.