Join the Energy Central team and learn about the innovative digitisation taking place throughout Northumberland's offshore wind sector. Hear from: - ORE Catapult who will be showcasing the brand new DARE Centre which centres on Digital, Autonomous and Robotics Engineering. - Port of Blyth and the all new, first ever 5G innovation lab which will soon be opening in Blyth, offering a unique digital offering to the Port. -Acuity Robotics, participants in the TIGGOR programme who will be discussing how their digital robotics offer unique and vital digital support to the offshore wind market as well as other critical infrastructure. Enjoy breakfast, talks from experts and a spot of networking.
Newcastle Helix presents…Building Blocks is an exciting and educational day for invited local school children to step into the world of STEM. With the help of LEGO, motorised cars and LED light displays we’ll introduce Year 5 pupils to real-world coding, AI and data in a working environment. Our mission is to inspire younger generations about a future for them in the booming North East tech sector.
In collaboration with TechNExt festival 2024, we will be hosting our very own fringe event at St Peters Campus. Join us as we take over the David Goldman building, our centre for digital and engineering teaching excellence here at the University of Sunderland. We welcome, businesses, employees, entrepreneurs, and graduates, interested in digital and technology, to explore our open day of activities. Bringing together a selection of key local voices from across the worlds of industry, academia & students/graduates to support the empowerment of regional innovation and digital transformation, this event will incorporate a series of workshops to explore the latest thinking and technology for industry.
2:00 pm
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer in various industries, revolutionising the way we approach problem-solving and decision-making. However, implementing AI solutions is not without its challenges. In this insightful event, hedgehog lab CTO, Ed Marshall will delve into our real-world experiences (including our partnership with Under Armour), uncovering the gotchas, considerations, security implications, and performance optimisations that come with integrating AI into existing systems.
Fashion Intelligence Summit: The Business of Fashion Through the Lens of Data.
Innovate Local: North East, in partnership with TechNExt, is set for June 18 at Advanced Media Production PROTO in Gateshead. This event targets business leaders and innovators in the North East, emphasising the role of innovation in business growth, competitiveness, and resilience. Attendees can connect with experts, discover regional incentives, and network across industries. Open to businesses of all sectors, the tech-themed event provides practical insights to boost profitability, market share, and customer loyalty. This collaboration with TechNExt ensures a thorough exploration of leveraging technology for business success.
Join Square One Law, Definition IP and Robson Laidler for an engaging roundtable discussion where we'll dive into the intricacies of maximising the value of IP in the dynamic world of tech. Together, we'll explore the challenges, benefits and financial implications of leveraging your IP assets to their fullest potential. Through collaborative dialogue, you'll gain valuable insights and strategic approaches to navigate this critical aspect of tech innovation. Don't miss this opportunity to uncover the true worth of your tech IP. Join us and discover... is it really worth it?
A #TechNExt24 Fringe event from Wor Room, exploring how policymakers can help the tech sector and how the tech sector can help policymakers. Tech and innovation is at the heart of how we address the region's problems, with new ideas and approaches crucial in our efforts to address societal problems like health inequalities, the transition to net zero and the an ageing population. But the tech sector and policymakers sometimes seem to speak a different language. How can we create a policy environment which supports tech entrepreneurs and their businesses, and how can we harness the region's innovative potential to all our benefit?
'Designing the Future: Shaping Tomorrow’s Public Services' cuts through the noise to deliver real change in the UK public sector. Join us at Newcastle University’s Boiler House for a day of action-oriented discussions led by leaders at the forefront of public service innovation. This isn’t just another event—it’s a strategic session where leading minds challenge the status quo and drive tangible improvements. Be at the forefront of redefining government efficiency and inclusivity. We’re not just talking about potential—we’re delivering it.
11:00 am
Patient-centred care is at the heart of the aims and objectives for the different health bodies across the UK. Research shows that the benefits of patient-centred care include increased satisfaction, increased and improved access and reduced waiting times. But the NHS faces increasing pressures. This curated conversation brings together innovators in digital health, healthcare providers and the people who design services to discuss how a user-centred approach can help make patient-centred care a reality.