Haystack Live is back and bigger than ever! We'll be taking over the iconic Tyneside Cinema for another evening of cutting edge tech talks and networking with the North East tech scene.
An opportunity for people based in north Northumberland to network and share in the excitement of the TechNExt Festival
This workshop will explore why it makes business sense to deliberately cultivate the intelligence of your organization, covering methodologies and technologies to help you get started. Technology can be our best friend in capturing and diffusing critical know-how to boost business ops, performance, culture, and doing the day-to-day work. How you as a company leverage the minds of the amazing people inside it is a competitive advantage. Get insight on combining human and digital elements to cultivate your business's capability. Includes a demo of creating a knowledge base in Notion. Specifically focused on small-medium enterprises, we will use the Seven Stages of Growth to identify challenges and approaches relevant to knowledge sharing.
In an increasingly connected world, the threat of digital domestic abuse has emerged as a silent epidemic. This talk aims to bring this issue to light, offering valuable insights into its forms, effects, and the measures we can take to combat it. Digital domestic abuse encompasses a range of behaviours where technology is used as a tool to exert control, harass, or manipulate a partner. Our session will provide a safe space to discuss and understand this modern form of abuse, which often goes unnoticed. This session will raise awareness of digitally assisted stalking and abuse- and provide practical guidance on how to support its victims.