Digital Transformation: Leveraging Tech for Business Growth will explore how organisations are leveraging technology to drive growth and accelerate digital transformation. Through an insightful panel discussion and expert presentations, we'll share the strategies, challenges, and success stories behind successful digital transformation initiatives.
There’s no simple answer to the debate about whether buying a commercial off the shelf solution (COTS) or building from scratch is the best choice. There’s a place for each but you need to know how to decide when each works best and understand the trade-offs. In this session, our speakers will dive into the pros and cons of each and how new technologies, like how using AI writing code will affect decisions. The speakers will look at both the current situation and discuss the future.
Accessibility Transformation: Ensuring Tech for All will explore the critical role of accessibility in technology and the importance of creating inclusive digital experiences for all users. Through an engaging panel discussion and informative presentations, we'll highlight the challenges, best practices, and advancements in accessibility within the tech industry.
Join Square One Law, Definition IP and Robson Laidler for an engaging roundtable discussion where we'll dive into the intricacies of maximising the value of IP in the dynamic world of tech. Together, we'll explore the challenges, benefits and financial implications of leveraging your IP assets to their fullest potential. Through collaborative dialogue, you'll gain valuable insights and strategic approaches to navigate this critical aspect of tech innovation. Don't miss this opportunity to uncover the true worth of your tech IP. Join us and discover... is it really worth it?
AI Transformation: Exploring the Role of AI in Business will explore the transformative power of artificial intelligence and its impact on businesses. Through enlightening panel discussions and expert presentations, we'll explore the opportunities, challenges, and real-world applications of AI across various industries.
'Designing the Future: Shaping Tomorrow’s Public Services' cuts through the noise to deliver real change in the UK public sector. Join us at Newcastle University’s Boiler House for a day of action-oriented discussions led by leaders at the forefront of public service innovation. This isn’t just another event—it’s a strategic session where leading minds challenge the status quo and drive tangible improvements. Be at the forefront of redefining government efficiency and inclusivity. We’re not just talking about potential—we’re delivering it.
2:00 pm
This solutions-focused Opencast TechNExt session brings together leading figures from business and the public sector to share on-the-ground experience of how you can unlock the power of data in a way that’s outcome-focused, agile and delivers value for business and people fast. Our speakers will debate the practical applications and the vast potential of data to deliver services for the people who use them, as well as the challenges of legacy and data silos, and how to use data in an ethical way for the benefit of all.
12:30 pm
Are you a cyber security company, professional or academic looking to explore a new sector? Or a space company looking to integrate cybersecurity as part of your offer? Why not come along to our TechNExt fringe event delving into all things cyber in space. Space is a fast-growing sector with reliance increasing on satellites for communication, security, intelligence, and business. Cybercrime against space systems is becoming more apparent and the increase in the volume of data arriving from satellites has sparked concerns about the security of data transport and storage between satellites and ground systems.
Haystack Live is back and bigger than ever! We'll be taking over the iconic Tyneside Cinema for another evening of cutting edge tech talks and networking with the North East tech scene.