Opencast’s opening session for TechNExt 2024 focuses on the skills challenges across the public and private sectors, by exploring how organisations in each are responding and growing their in-house capabilities. Our discussion will explore how organisations can better grow the skills of their people, and the impact of growing the potential of existing teams, as well as on wider society.
There’s no simple answer to the debate about whether buying a commercial off the shelf solution (COTS) or building from scratch is the best choice. There’s a place for each but you need to know how to decide when each works best and understand the trade-offs. In this session, our speakers will dive into the pros and cons of each and how new technologies, like how using AI writing code will affect decisions. The speakers will look at both the current situation and discuss the future.
11:00 am
Patient-centred care is at the heart of the aims and objectives for the different health bodies across the UK. Research shows that the benefits of patient-centred care include increased satisfaction, increased and improved access and reduced waiting times. But the NHS faces increasing pressures. This curated conversation brings together innovators in digital health, healthcare providers and the people who design services to discuss how a user-centred approach can help make patient-centred care a reality.
2:00 pm
This solutions-focused Opencast TechNExt session brings together leading figures from business and the public sector to share on-the-ground experience of how you can unlock the power of data in a way that’s outcome-focused, agile and delivers value for business and people fast. Our speakers will debate the practical applications and the vast potential of data to deliver services for the people who use them, as well as the challenges of legacy and data silos, and how to use data in an ethical way for the benefit of all.