Innovate Local: North East, in partnership with TechNExt, is set for June 18 at Advanced Media Production PROTO in Gateshead. This event targets business leaders and innovators in the North East, emphasising the role of innovation in business growth, competitiveness, and resilience. Attendees can connect with experts, discover regional incentives, and network across industries. Open to businesses of all sectors, the tech-themed event provides practical insights to boost profitability, market share, and customer loyalty. This collaboration with TechNExt ensures a thorough exploration of leveraging technology for business success.
10:00 am
This networking event will support a conversation about the future of technology in our everyday life. Following the work of Deaf Centre with VR, IA, Digital Art, Health and Transport sector - the project's goal is to share a good practice with the wider community. Working inclusively alongside deaf and young people from the economically challenged backgrounds, we now want to inspire a wider community with the immense possibilities that that come with Tech. Take Courage with Tech! and join us for a day of informal dialogue about the technology present in every layer of life - to include health sector!