Join Square One Law, Definition IP and Robson Laidler for an engaging roundtable discussion where we'll dive into the intricacies of maximising the value of IP in the dynamic world of tech. Together, we'll explore the challenges, benefits and financial implications of leveraging your IP assets to their fullest potential. Through collaborative dialogue, you'll gain valuable insights and strategic approaches to navigate this critical aspect of tech innovation. Don't miss this opportunity to uncover the true worth of your tech IP. Join us and discover... is it really worth it?
A #TechNExt24 Fringe event from Wor Room, exploring how policymakers can help the tech sector and how the tech sector can help policymakers. Tech and innovation is at the heart of how we address the region's problems, with new ideas and approaches crucial in our efforts to address societal problems like health inequalities, the transition to net zero and the an ageing population. But the tech sector and policymakers sometimes seem to speak a different language. How can we create a policy environment which supports tech entrepreneurs and their businesses, and how can we harness the region's innovative potential to all our benefit?
The cyber security sector is facing a real issue with burnout of its people. How do you survive working in cyber security and what can leaders do to support their team?