AI for Good


AI for Good

DATE: 19/6/24
TIME: 13:30-17:00

GenAI and AI more generally can and should be a force for good in the UK. That is defined as AI that we can trust and participate with. In other words AI with humans at the centre of its use and design.

Join us and our event partners HelpFirst.AI, for two sessions and networking looking at the challenges and opportunities to tackle some of the hardest to reach communities online and then a look at some examples of how those using Tech for Good are using the opportunity of AI to transform services.

Speakers include: Andy Bell – CEO, AI First ; Sarat Pediredla – CEO, Hedgehog Labs; Elizabeth Anderson, CEO Digital Poverty Alliance; Sarah Wyer, PhD Researcher in Bias in AI, Durham University

Panel 1: AI we can trust – Ethics, Bias, Inclusion and Participation

Panel 2: AI for Good

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Event Details