An Insightful Overview of Fraud and Money Laundering


An Insightful Overview of Fraud and Money Laundering

DATE: 21/6/24
TIME: 11:00-12:00

Join us for a compelling session that delves into the intricate world of financial deception and the operations of money laundering. This talk is designed to shed light on the sophisticated tactics employed by fraudsters and money launderers, unravelling the complexities of their schemes.

In this eye-opening presentation, we will explore the various facets of fraud and money laundering, providing attendees with a comprehensive overview of:
The latest trends in fraudulent practices.
The multi-layered process of money laundering.

Key Highlights:

Understanding Fraud: Learn about the psychology behind fraud and the red flags that can help you identify potential scams.
The Money Laundering Pipeline: Discover the stages of money laundering, from placement to layering, and finally, integration.
Preventive Measures: Gain insights into the legal frameworks and technological tools designed to combat these crimes.
Expert Speaker: Hear from Brian Collins from RECCC Durham Police, who will share first-hand experiences and strategies for prevention.

Interactive Q&A Session: Engage with our experts during a live Q&A session, where you can ask questions and seek advice on protecting yourself and your organisation from these financial threats.

Who Should Attend: This talk is ideal for anyone interested in understanding the mechanics of fraud and money laundering.


This talk will be presented in person and online where it will be recorded, please inform us if you wish to join virtually.

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Event Details