The Post Apocalypse School of Teesside: What is TECHNOLOGY anyway?

The Post Apocalypse School of Teesside: What is TECHNOLOGY anyway?

DATE: 23/6/23
TIME: 17:30-19:30

Arthur C Clarke famously said: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Today we think of technology as nanotech, AI, genetic engineering. But what skills and knowledge would seem like magic after the apocalypse? And if the older generations told true stories of their childhood, would it sound like an apocalyptic world to the high-tech younger generations of today?

At this session, hosted on the campus of The Post Apocalypse School of Teesside (on a piece of wasteland outside The Auxiliary in Middlesbrough), we will ask the big questions about tech. What technology could destroy humanity? What technology could save us? Is there such a thing as bad technology or is it humanity? What is the most important bit of technology we have now? What would the most important technology be after the apocalypse?

We will argue that humanity’s greatest technology is still the ability to make fire. We will run a firemaking workshop, showing attendees five different ways to make fire: chemical reaction, solar focus, ferro rod, friction, battery. Once we have built a fire together, we will sit round it and try to answer these big questions about the nature of humanity and technology.

The Post Apocalypse School of Teesside teaches important skills which will help you live in a more self-sufficient and sustainable way – and skills which may save your life after the apocalypse.

Although ‘preparing for the apocalypse’, our focus is on what each of us can to improve our lives and care for our environment – whilst all the time having a whole heap of fun.

Together, we can create a new future where education, work and leisure are integrated into a way of life that is balanced, rewarding, entertaining, inspiring, productive and sustainable.

Currently running modules from The Auxiliary in Middlesbrough, ultimately The Post Apocalypse School of Teesside aims to become a cash-free 24/7 urban space that will appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.

The Post Apocalypse School of Teesside

“Because we all need to be Sarah Connor for our kids right now…”

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