Five things you didn’t know about tech in South Tyneside

South Tyneside is home to a diverse tech ecosystem, home to companies leading the way in everything from remote working to renewable energy. With a long history of innovation and invention (Sir Humphrey Davy tested his safety lamp in the coal mines of South Tyneside!), the area has shifted from coal to code and now punches above its weight on the global tech stage.

Here are five things you might now know about tech in South Tyneside.

It’s home to a company making remote working possible.

For 25 years, South Tyneside-based HTG has been supporting businesses by offering industry-leading, cost-effective virtual desktop solutions. Certified specialists with leading vendors including Microsoft and Citrix, and top-tier accredited with VMWare, HTG has helped businesses adapt to remote working (especially during the pandemic).

A leading podcast is recorded here.

The Industry Angel Business Podcast is a top-ranked podcast hosted by industry thought leader Ian Farrar. Shining a spotlight on entrepreneurs from the North East, the podcast offers aspiring entrepreneurs authentic and actionable advice through meaningful conversations and insightful interviews.

Dogger Bank Wind Farm is controlled from South Tyneside.

Dogger Bank Wind Farm is an offshore wind farm located 130 km off the coast of North East England. Dogger Bank Wind Farm is on a mission to build the world’s largest wind farm capable of powering over 6 million homes annually. South Tyneside is home to the wind farm’s O&M base. With wall-sized computer screens tracking ships, helicopters, cable lays, turbines and towers in real time, the base will monitor and manage 5% of the UK’s electricity-generating capacity produced by the offshore wind farm.

There’s a specialist marine school in South Shields

South Shields Marine School is home to the world’s most advanced navigational bridge simulators. Six simulated navigational bridges in the Marine Simulation Suite can be configured to meet every aspect of bridge simulator training and research requirements, offering virtually limitless training possibilities.

A South Shields company powers the world’s greatest theme parks.

From its base in South Shields DBS Show Controls are at the core of the world’s most demanding multimedia shows, theme park rides, interactive visitor centres and AV installations. db Show Control’s clients include the world’s leading theme parks, event production companies, museums, AV Integrators and creative design consultants. Its solutions run 24/7 worldwide. Recent projects and clients include names like Disneyland Paris, ECA2, Universal Studios (Beijing & Florida), Dubai Parks & Resorts, Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

South Tyneside has a strong tradition of supporting and promoting technology businesses. Join us at TechNExt to celebrate more of the North East’s tech achievements.

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