Journey to Success: Tech Talent Live

Tech Talent Live, a cornerstone of the TechNExt festival, offers a unique opportunity for aspiring tech professionals to get a closer look into the diverse world of technology careers. This free, drop-in event, held during festival week, is designed for anyone eager to learn more about tech careers and allows companies in the North East to connect with potential employees.

The aim of Tech Talent Live is simple yet powerful: to inspire, motivate, and inform the next generation of tech and digital talent while showcasing North East employers to those seeking opportunities in the sector. The event features a range of short talks highlighting various tech career paths, alongside drop-in CV workshops to help attendees refine their job-seeking skills.
Of course, Tech Talent Live isn’t just about attending talks and workshops—it’s about transformative career steps and opening doors to new opportunities. Let’s take a look at two inspiring success stories from TechNExt 2023:

Rose’s Journey: From Creative Museums to Digital Innovation

Despite having no prior experience in the tech sector, Rose’s encounter with Tech Talent Live sparked a newfound perspective. Driven by her passion for museums and culture, Rose embarked on a journey that led her from immersive creative projects to a new career path in digital innovation. Networking with employers like Enigma Interactive ultimately led to her transition to the role of Digital Producer, where she now thrives as a key player in digital strategy and project management.

Antonella’s Triumph: Embracing New Opportunities in Tech
Antonella’s journey to success began with a single decision – to attend Tech Talent Live. With no technical background, she seized the opportunity to explore new career paths and engage with potential employers. Her proactive approach paid off when she secured a role as a Support Analyst at Kerridge Commercial Systems, proving that career events can be transformative for individuals willing to take that first step.

If you’re an organisation on the look-out for the best quality talent in the tech sector, apply to exhibit at Tech Talent Live.
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