Jude Pullen

Featured inventor on BBC2’s Big Life Fix, Jude is a technologist & physical prototyping expert who’s worked at Dyson, Sugru, LEGO. He is passionate about inclusive design, and helping companies shape their futures through design thinking, and novel use of technologies.

Jude’s eclectic career and global experiences have helped him engage new audiences to appreciate the potential of exploring new innovations. Jude now covers a breadth of work from Social Media to Neuroscience, while also helping companies find new ways to stay relevant and make sense of complex new societal shifts and emergent platforms.

Jude worked alongside other creatives in BBC2’s Big Life Fix, helping design playground for blind (and sighted) children, through to creating bespoke devices for a terminally ill photographer, and a hairdresser without the full use of one hand. Most recently he’s been engaged as a Technology and Prototyping Expert in Sir David Jason’s Great British Inventions on Channel 4. In this 4-part series, Jude re-created prototypes of pioneering inventions (Edison/Swan Lightbulbs, Faraday’s Motors, Rockets, etc.) from household items as a provocation that innovation can start cheaply, with good ideas and testing.

Since moving on from big business, Jude now works as an independent consultant, on both specialised scouting for large companies, and also larger design thinking and modelling projects for start-ups, agencies and corporations alike.