11:00 am
Join us for a compelling session that delves into the intricate world of financial deception and the operations of money laundering. This talk is designed to shed light on the sophisticated tactics employed by fraudsters and money launderers, unravelling the complexities of their schemes.
In an increasingly connected world, the threat of digital domestic abuse has emerged as a silent epidemic. This talk aims to bring this issue to light, offering valuable insights into its forms, effects, and the measures we can take to combat it. Digital domestic abuse encompasses a range of behaviours where technology is used as a tool to exert control, harass, or manipulate a partner. Our session will provide a safe space to discuss and understand this modern form of abuse, which often goes unnoticed. This session will raise awareness of digitally assisted stalking and abuse- and provide practical guidance on how to support its victims.
2:30 pm
In the digital age, the internet is a vast frontier with endless possibilities, but it also presents unique risks, especially for children and vulnerable individuals. Our talk is dedicated to educating and empowering caregivers, educators, and the community on how to protect the most susceptible among us.