TechNExt 2023: Day 2

On day two of the festival, diverse sessions covered topics like cyber protection for businesses, empowering women in business and technology, boosting productivity with digital tools, and exploring the impact of AI on education. Participants also delved into Accenture’s award-winning Tech4Good approach, experienced augmented reality at The Alnwick Garden, and gained insights into the North East’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. There was a load of fun had at the demystifying diversity through LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® session. The festival featured interactive sessions on tech career opportunities, culture creation in Minecraft, and dispelling myths about working in the tech industry. The day concluded with an industry dinner, offering networking opportunities with tech entrepreneurs and business leaders.

DAY 2: Events

Simple Steps to Protect Your Business in an Online World – CyberNorth at TechNExt

Limitless – Empowering, Enlightening, Enabling Women Everywhere

Demystifying Diversity with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Digital Tools to Boost your Productivity

You can take some simple steps to protect your business against online security threats. Doing nothing is not an option.

Limitless: Executive Women in Business and Technology Leadership – North East Chapter

Partnering for this exclusive event were the founders of 50:50 Future and Promethean Play, bringing to life some of the fundamental concepts of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) through the experience of LEGO® build!

This workshop will explored a host of different tools covering every facet of productivity.

The AI Classroom: Teaching and Learning in the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Tech4Good : Insight into Accenture’s Award Winning Approach

The Alnwick Garden Augmented Reality Experience

Back to the Future: Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in the North East by 2030

Dan Fitzpatrick, author of the AI classroom and a renowned AI thought leader in education, delivered a captivating keynote talk. Participants embarked on a journey through the dynamic world of technology and witnessed how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing our lives. The presentation explored AI’s impact on education, revealing its potential to elevate the learning experience. Following the talk, a stimulating panel discussion featured top edtech experts from the region, including emerging edtech organizations.

Tech4Good: Insights into Accenture’s Award-Winning Approach was presented, providing valuable lessons from Accenture’s successful practices. The session delved into their award-winning approach, shedding light on the innovative strategies that drove positive change. Following the insightful presentation, a practical session was conducted, enabling participants to identify and address critical challenges specific to the region. Together, attendees explored solutions to enhance the region’s growth and prosperity through technology and digital transformation.

We were thrilled to introduce a brand-new Augmented Reality Experience at The Alnwick Garden, powered by letsARgo, an innovative AR trail application developed by MAADigital, a leading digital experience company from Gateshead. This unique experience invited young people and their families to explore the gardens using the letsARgo app on their smart devices.

Over the past 15 years, we evaluated the investment in the North East and witnessed an economic shift, experiencing firsthand the transformative power of innovation in driving regional growth. As a group of panellists, we delved into the region’s successful endeavors so far, explored the future potential of the North East, and discussed collaborative efforts to foster even greater economic prosperity for future generations. Northstar Ventures and Tech NExt welcomed participants to join a compelling panel discussion featuring Alasdair Greig, Jo York, Marie Labus, and Edward Twiddy.

Accenture Life Trends 2023

Emerging Technologies Keynote Kate Baucherel and Creative Writing Workshop

Grow Your Own Way: How to Get Into and Stay In Tech

Creating Culture House in Minecraft

Andrew Finnie, a Senior Manager from Accenture Interactive, presented an inspiring talk on the five emerging trends that were set to alter the power dynamic between brands and customers in the coming 12 months and beyond. The event took place at the Spanish City in Whitley Bay and provided valuable insights into the changing landscape of customer-brand interactions.

The event kicked off with an engaging keynote speech by emerging technologies expert, Kate Baucherel. She delved into the latest advancements and trends in the world of technology, captivating the audience with her insights on the potential impact of cutting-edge technologies across various industries.

After the keynote, participants enjoyed an interactive creative writing session. Led by talented writers and facilitators, the session provided a fun and thought-provoking platform for attendees to explore their creativity and storytelling skills. The combination of the enlightening keynote and the stimulating writing session made it a memorable and enriching experience for all who attended.

Why you don’t have to have come from a tech background to work in tech. A practical session on the skills required to join the technology workforce. A panel of four Opencast experts share their unique ‘squiggly’ career routes and give grounded practical advice on the skills and competencies are required.

Renowned AI expert Dan Fitzpatrick delivered an insightful keynote talk, exploring the ever-evolving world of technology and the transformative impact of artificial intelligence on our lives, particularly in education. Sunderland City Council partnered with TA Education on an inspiring project to engage children and young people and offer a glimpse of what Culture House Sunderland has in store for 2025. Using Minecraft as a platform, they built Culture House Sunderland, encouraging youth participation and excitement for this landmark building’s future. Join us on June 20th at Sunderland City Hall for the competition’s launch, where local schools help design one of Culture House’s teen spaces.

Myth busting: What Working in Tech Really Looks Like

Hainton’s Agile Meetup

Beginners on AWS & Cloud

Industry Dinner

What does a tech worker look like? The answer might surprise you. Through this session, we explored the reality of work in a career in technology. We looked to put up then debunk five of the most common myths about working in tech.

In this insightful talk by Karl Dickman, titled “Doing Agile vs. Being Agile,” the focus is on understanding the distinction between “doing Agile” and “being agile” through the lens of a product manager and its application in government, the third sector, and the private sector. The presentation delves into the principles and tools available to us and how they manifest in real-world scenarios. Karl shares the pros and cons of being a purist, the importance of utilizing both aspects to foster a high-performance team, and the valuable lessons acquired from 15 years of experience. This talk is particularly beneficial for those entering the software development world, contemplating a sector change, or anyone intrigued by the nuances between Agile methodologies.

Web Services (AWS), the cloud offering from Amazon. If you’re curious about how to get started with AWS or wondering if it’s the right choice for you, this event is tailored just for you. We’ve made it a point to keep all technical jargon at bay, and any use of it by the speakers will be promptly explained or “yellow-carded.” Our first AWS speaker will provide an introduction to the cloud and the compelling reasons to embrace it. The second speaker will shed light on how a company’s mindset transforms when they adopt the cloud, maximizing its benefits. To make the evening even more enjoyable, our generous sponsor BJSS will treat everyone to pizza and drinks. Come join us for a beginner-friendly AWS experience!

A chance to connect with peers, tech entrepreneurs and business leaders across the North East.

Staying Safe from Online Threats – CyberNorth at TechNExt Hexham

The lack of cyber security is one of the biggest threats to your business and its customers. You looked at some simple steps to protect your business against online security threats. In this event, brought to you by the Police and the cyber security sector.