TechNExt 2023: Day 4

On day four of the festival, attendees enjoyed a diverse range of tech events across the region. No-Code Arcade brought together no-code and low-code enthusiasts in Newcastle for collaborative exploration of the latest technologies. Cyber Girls First empowered participants with talks on IT, coding, and cyber security, featuring accomplished women leaders in the field. The Space and Digital event in Durham showcased how space tech is revolutionising life on Earth and beyond, with speakers from Airbus, European Space Agency, Raytheon NORSS, and Realsafe Technologies. Gateshead hosted NextGen Talent Match, a speed talent matching event connecting employers with digital graduates. Nebula Labs collaborated with South Tyneside Council to explore the transformative power of data. Tech Talent Live aimed to inspire the next generation of tech talent while showcasing North East employers. Seymourpowell Open House provided a behind-the-scenes look at design and innovation, igniting creative collaboration. The Festival Party in Newcastle allowed participants to relax and celebrate the region’s tech achievements.

DAY 4: Events

No-Code Arcade

Cyber Girls First: A day of IT, coding, and cyber security

Space and Digital

NextGen Talent Match

No-Code Arcade is a new community gathering for no-code and low-code software providers, developers and makers to play and collaborate with the latest technology, products and services.

Cyber Girls First: A day of IT, coding, and cyber security, with talks by women who have attained high levels in management in these fields.

The space sector was forecasted to reach $1 trillion in revenue by 2040, and we were on this trajectory. The sector had reached an inflection point, similar to the early 1990s when the internet started to make its mark. Space tech had become ubiquitous, with over 3000 satellites orbiting the Earth, enabling various applications such as banking apps, climate change-driven wine grape cultivation, global goods tracking, and bridge safety monitoring. Even mobile phones were being developed to connect to satellites. The event featured speakers from Airbus, European Space Agency, Raytheon NORSS, and Realsafe Technologies, sharing insights into how satellite tech was solving both earthly and space-related challenges. Additionally, attendees learned about the North East region’s remarkable achievement of the highest revenue growth rate in the UK since 2019.

We hosted a speed talent matching event, providing an opportunity for participants to meet the next generation of digital graduates. The event brought together talented students from Gateshead College and New College Durham, offering timed conversations with each of them. Attendees had the chance to select their top five matches and receive the CVs of these potential candidates straight to their inbox. Moreover, our training teams were present to address any queries regarding apprenticeships, skills development, or accessing funding to support training budgets. It was an exciting platform for employers and graduates to connect and explore future opportunities in the digital sector.

Tech for Good: the Virtual Memory Box, Building Digital Solutions That Change Lives

Data Strategy in Action

Tech Talent Live

Seymourpowell Open House

Nebula Labs collaborated with South Tyneside Council on impactful digital solutions aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable individuals in society. One notable achievement was the creation of the Virtual Memory Box, designed to preserve precious memories for children and young people in care. This innovative tool supports Life Story Work, proving invaluable to young individuals, their caregivers, and social workers alike. In an enlightening session, we had the privilege of discussing the Virtual Memory Box with colleagues from South Tyneside Council and foster carers. The conversation revolved around its development process, practical applications, and the challenges faced in building solutions that bring positive changes to people’s lives. The event was held with a small in-office audience and livestreamed via Zoom, fostering greater awareness and engagement around this transformative project.

The ‘Data for Action’ workshop was designed specifically to address the needs of participants. In a rapidly digitized world, leveraging the power of data had become not just a luxury but a necessity. However, many leaders were unsure where to begin. If this resonated with them, the ‘Data for Action’ workshop was tailored precisely to address their requirements and provide guidance on how to harness data effectively.

The aim of this event is to inspire, motivate and inform the next generation of tech and digital talent, as well as showcase our North East employers to anyone looking for a role in the sector.

World-leading design & innovation company Seymourpowell invited participants to an inspiring ‘behind the scenes’ pre-party event as part of the inaugural TechNExt festival 2023. The event aimed to bring together the North East’s design & innovation community, fostering creative collaboration and partnership. Attendees joined in for drinks and discussions about shaping the future across diverse themes, ranging from the future of passenger space travel to metaverse tourism. Richard Seymour, Co-Founder of Seymourpowell, highlighted that walking through their door meant effectively stepping 1 to 5 years into the future.

Festival Party

The festival provided an opportunity for attendees to unwind and commemorate the successes of the North East tech sector alongside peers and visitors. The evening was designed to be informal, offering a chance to socialize and network. Tickets included a light buffet and the first drink, making it a delightful and enjoyable experience for all.