TechNExt Takeover at the University of Sunderland

Introducing the University of Sunderland

Did you know that the University of Sunderland will be hosting a takeover of the David Goldman Building as part of the TechNExt Festival Fringe 2024? The university provides high-quality education and training across various sectors such as Healthcare, Education, Engineering, Technology, Business/Management, and Media. Its mission is to collaborate with regional employers to create programs that meet business needs and contribute to the skills growth in the Northeast. A shining example of this collaboration is their apprenticeship team, which partners with over 100 organisations to train more than 930 apprentices, equipping the regional workforce with vital skills.

Event highlight: Empowering Local Innovation and Digital Transformation

As part of the TechNExt Festival Fringe 2024, the University of Sunderland is hosting “Empowering Local Innovation and Digital Transformation” at St Peters Campus, in the David Goldman Building. This event aims to unite businesses, employees, entrepreneurs, and graduates interested in digital and technology. Attendees can look forward to workshops, talks, and networking opportunities, all centred on the latest technologies in fields like 3D printing, cyber security, data science, and engineering. With lunch and refreshments provided, it’s set to be an engaging and informative day.

Why attend?

This event offers a unique opportunity to engage with key voices from industry, academia, and the student community. Participants will gain insights into digital innovation for engineering, digital transformation, and cyber security through hands-on workshops and expert talks. Networking with peers will further enrich the experience, providing valuable knowledge and practical skills that can foster innovative thinking within their workforce.

Why TechNExt?

The University of Sunderland joined TechNExt to showcase its dedication to regional innovation and digital transformation. TechNExt aligns perfectly with the university’s mission to support the empowerment of regional talent and businesses. Through participation, they aim to highlight their strengths, particularly in their IT Consultancy and Data Science degree apprenticeships currently in development.

Michelle Francis, Business Development Manager at the University of Sunderland, said: “We are thrilled to be part of the TechNExt festival across the full week as well as hosting our own day of free digital talks and workshops! Our collaboration with regional employers has been pivotal in developing our digital apprenticeships, shaping education to meet business needs, contributing to both career prospects and the regional growth of digital skills.”

Proud member of the North East tech community

Being part of the North East tech community is a source of pride for the University of Sunderland. As an anchor institution in the region, the university contributes to and benefits from, the tech community, by supporting the growth and success of students, graduates, and regional businesses. Their involvement helps shape the future of technology and innovation in the North East, ensuring a prosperous and forward-thinking region.

Join the University of Sunderland at TechNExt 2024

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to engage with the North East’s tech community, learn from industry leaders, and explore the latest in digital innovation. Join the University of Sunderland at TechNExt 2024 for an event that promises to inspire and educate.

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