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      11:00 am
      This talk will discuss the journey and some of the results in developing and applying artificial intelligence for the media industry, specifically its main stakeholders, journalists, publishing houses and readers. Prof. Alexandra I. Cristea (Durham University) has collaborated with Distinctive Media Group with on 2 specific projects during the past 5 years, to drive data-centric innovation into our products and to develop data driven approach to improve the quality of services provided by Distinctive Media Group, resulting in a new technical department, a spin-off, Reveela Ltd, a patent, a state-of-the-art marketing platform. Please book a ticket so that we may plan for numbers as lunch is included
      10:00 am
      This talk highlights the most cutting-edge of innovation and technology that will revolutionise the way we live. We invite Dr Ismail Ben Mabrouk from Durham University, who will talk to us how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Revolutionise Healthcare. How can AI algorithms lead to early detection of conditions, less invasive procedures, and improved patient outcomes? The talk aims to highlight the amazing potential of both AI and wireless communication technologies in advancing healthcare solutions for a healthier future. P´╗┐lease book a ticket so that we are able to plan refreshments and food accordingly for the event.