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      11:00 am
      As the early-stage ecosystem in Newcastle picks itself up after the pandemic, Tuspark presents the first in a series of workshops on company building. Today’s talk will fly us through the basics of startup law, accountancy, and intellectual property by our friends at Mathys & Squire (for IP), Gerald Edelman (Accounts)
      This is an intimate BioTech roundtable brings together entrepreneurs in the growing life sciences field of BioTech and Precision Medicine, asking: “How can we support each other”, and “How can the region support the sector”. Speakers feature The Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult, early-stage investors North Star, and life science founders.
      Neurodiversity, Accessible Design & Leadership – What You Wish You Knew Sooner! We are pleased to host lightning talks from three speakers, where we will explore inclusivity and accessibility from different perspectives.