Good festival ambition

TechNext Festival’s ambition is to be a Good Festival with ‘for good’ being a core value that runs through the full events programme. This will ensure the festival focuses on inclusivity, diversity, accessibility, and sustainability, protecting our planet and creating a welcoming experience for all.

Initiatives that we have in place include:

Focus on inclusivity & diversity

At TechNExt, fostering a welcoming and inclusive festival experience is paramount. We believe everyone deserves to feel a sense of belonging in the tech industry, regardless of their background. To achieve this, we offer funded tickets and targeted outreach programmes to ensure all voices are heard and represented. We also actively strive for balanced representation among our speakers and attendees, creating a space where diverse perspectives can flourish.

Accessibility matters

Accessibility is another core value we hold dear. We understand that everyone experiences the world differently, so we offer a buddy system for those who might benefit from extra support navigating the festival. Additionally, a quiet room is available for anyone who needs a break from the stimulation. Finally, we ensure accessibility features are in place at all events, so everyone can participate fully.

Environmentally conscious

Minimising our environmental impact is a key aspect of our Good Festival Ambition. We take responsibility for our footprint and are committed to sustainable practices. This includes tracking and reporting on the festival’s carbon footprint, constantly seeking ways to reduce it. We strive to implement eco-friendly practices wherever possible, ensuring the future of technology is bright not just for innovation, but for the planet as well.

For any more information or to access any items mentioned under these initiatives, please drop the festival team a line at