Schools Challenge

New to TechNExt for 2024, the Schools Challenge will engage North East school children in tech and tech employers within the region.

Participation is encouraged from schools across the region, for children ages 8-13 years. Applications for schools to get involved will open mid-March.

How will it work?

The challenge will be set by regional tech employers, with children being asked to find innovative solutions to the real life problems that matter to them – showing that tech can be used for the greater good!

School children can work together as a class or as small groups, supported by their teachers to come up with a solution to the challenge, then uploaded online for viewing by our regional tech panel!

One submission from each local authority area will then be selected by the committee to be invited to a celebration event on the morning of Tuesday 18th June, in Durham City Centre.

More information on the challenge and how to get involved coming soon!