TechNExt 2023: Day 3

On day three of the festival, Mediaworks hosted a captivating Digital Breakfast on generative AI-powered machines. The TechNExt Main Stage in Sunderland featured thought-provoking talks from industry leaders. Newcastle Helix presented Building Blocks, an educational day for local school children focused on STEAM subjects. Workshops in Durham and Gateshead explored Workplace Wellbeing and AI in Education. Newcastle showcased regional entrepreneurs during the Founder Spotlight event. Hainton’s .NET Meetup offered insightful talks on Microsoft Azure integration and technical blogging. Inclusive Teams Deliver discussed agile approaches’ impact on team outcomes, with tips from Dr J. Girlguiding UK hosted Chatterbox, teaching girls about algorithms, coding, and robots. The Tech Table by TrueNorth offered an exclusive dinner for tech leaders.

DAY 3: Events

Mediaworks Digital Breakfast

Main Stage

Newcastle Helix presents… Building Blocks

Workplace Wellbeing: The Importance of Data

In this breakfast session, we took a deep dive into the captivating world of generative AI-powered machines. From content creation and personalisation to customer insights and campaign optimisation.

The TechNExt Main Stage was a single stream of thought provoking conference talks from leaders in technology and related industries.

Newcastle Helix presented… Building Blocks, which was an exciting, inspiring, and educational day for local school children to partake in activities centered around the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, maths) fields.

The workshop provided attendees with a comprehensive overview of workplace wellbeing, with a particular emphasis on the importance of data. Participants left with a deeper understanding of how data can be used to drive positive outcomes in workplace wellbeing programs, along with practical tips for implementing data-driven workplace wellbeing solutions.

Round Table Conversation on AI in Education and the Workplace

Founder Spotlight

Hainton’s .NET Meetup

Inclusive Teams Deliver

Round table conversation on the fascinating topic of AI in education and the workplace

The event showcased the journey of some of the region’s most exciting entrepreneurs, providing real insight into the business world for anyone passionate about entrepreneurship.

At TechNExt Festival, two talks were featured:

  1. “Enterprise Integration with Microsoft Azure” by Michael Stephenson (Azure MVP) discussed Microsoft’s accelerated offerings in integration. Challenges in decision-making about using various Azure technologies were addressed.
  2. “Getting Started with Technical Blogging” by Bryan Hogan shared insights from his ten years of blogging, inspiring participants to start their blogging journey.

In a vibrant talk, Dr. J challenged the widely accepted notion that agile teams always produce better outcomes. They questioned whether the success of these teams lies solely in following an agile format or if other factors play a role. Reflecting on the almost 20 years since the creation of the Agile Manifesto, they explored how it has shaped our work practices, team dynamics, and mindset. Dr. J shared practical tips for immediate implementation to improve team performance, whether in a leadership role or as a team member. These simple yet impactful actions don’t require management approval and can yield significant results. The talk concluded with networking and drinks, fostering further discussions on team productivity and success.

Chatterbox – Generative AI with Girlguiding UK

The Tech Table by TrueNorth

A closed workshop for Girlguiding Members showcased a unique program developed by engineers at Google. This engaging initiative introduced girls to the fascinating world of algorithms, coding, and robots, all without the use of a computer. The workshop not only made learning enjoyable but also focused on imparting knowledge about digital technology while fostering creativity, design, and problem-solving skills. Through this innovative approach, young participants gained valuable insights into digital technology and its applications, encouraging their interest and proficiency in these fields.

An invite only roundtable dinner for technology leaders in the region.